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A restaurant’s HVAC is one of the most important elements of its operation, and may be more important than many other industries.

People go to restaurants for a hassle-free meal out in a comfortable environment. Whether they’re enjoying a gourmet, five-star dining experience or grabbing a quick burger, they expect to be able to eat their meal in a comfortable, well-ventilated and climate-controlled atmosphere.

On the other side of that swinging kitchen door, a restaurant’s employees deserve a clean, comfortable and healthy work environment, where the smoke and heat that generates in the kitchen can quickly escape, and they can work comfortably in the fast-paced workday.

Commercial HVAC systems for restaurants are critically important for a variety of reasons, and UMGService is ready to make sure your New Jersey restaurant has the best system for your eatery. We have worked with the New Jersey restaurant community for years to service their commercial HVAC installation, maintenance and repair needs. Contact us at (973) 866-5445 today so we can help you.

Importance of Commercial HVAC Systems for Restaurants

Data from the New Jersey Restaurant Association reveals that there are over 19,000 places to eat and drink in the state, and that these businesses generate an astounding $18 billion in sales per year and employ eight percent of the state’s workforce. None of this would be possible without proper restaurant HVAC systems.

While restauranteurs tend to focus on other elements of their business, such as linens, lighting, kitchen equipment and more, a properly ventilated and temperature-regulated environment is absolutely key to their employees’ health and productivity, as well as the quality of customers’ experience. Whether you’re operating a 10-seat diner in Clifton or a large Bar and Grille in Montclair, your restaurant HVAC system may be the most important part of doing business.

Three Main Reasons Why You Need a Quality Restaurant HVAC System

  • Your Employees – We’ve all heard the phrase “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” This expression holds special meaning for employees in the restaurant industry. From the front-of-house employees who interact with customers to (especially) the kitchen staff, like line cooks, prep cooks and sous chefs who spend all day in front of the fire, your employees are exposed to high levels of heat all day during their shift, not to mention large amounts of smoke and grease splatter.

A high-quality, well-maintained restaurant HVAC system ensures that heat and smoke can escape. If you’ve ever tried cooking in an environment without a proper HVAC system, you will understand immediately how difficult and uncomfortable it can be.

  • Your Customers – Nobody wants to eat in an environment that’s too hot or cold or where smoke and stale air are just sitting around, filling the room. While we love the delicious smells that emanate from the kitchen of our favorite restaurants, we want to make sure they stay there, and not cling to our clothes on the way home.

A quality restaurant HVAC system is critical to an enjoyable customer experience, and is one of the most important investments you can make in your establishment. How likely do you think customers are to return to your restaurant if they can’t breathe, or are sweating during their meal?

  • Your Products and Inventory – Time for a little Restaurant 101: restaurants serve food…and food spoils. While there’s a difference between HVAC and refrigeration, proper heating and cooling is critical to the preservation of things like meat, produce, cheeses and event spices and liquor. If you’re spending money on the highest-quality ingredients, you want to make sure that they’re actually going to be able to make it to the plate, and not spoil.

A properly functioning restaurant HVAC system ensures the longevity of your inventory so your staff can serve your customers the very best, and keep them coming back to your restaurant again and again.

Performing Proper Restaurant HVAC System Maintenance

It is generally recommended that commercial HVAC systems be serviced twice per year for routine maintenance; however, restaurant HVAC systems generally need more love than facilities like office buildings and retail outlets. For one thing, there are industry-specific air variables, such as constant smoke, grease and other factors that get sucked up into your system on a constant basis.

For another, restaurants are open more frequently and at far longer intervals than 9-5 offices, warehouses and retail outlets. For this reason, it is generally recommended that higher-traffic restaurants undergo routine maintenance around three to four times per year to ensure optimal performance. UMGService offers expert, immediate and comprehensive service of your restaurant’s HVAC system.

How Much Does Restaurant HVAC Installation Cost?

Multiple factors can determine the need and cost of maintenance, such as building size,  heating and cooling requirements, ductwork location, complexity of the installation, type of equipment being installed and more. UMGService works with restaurants all over New Jersey to help them determine what type of HVAC system is best for their establishment. We install all types, brands and sizes of restaurant HVAC systems, and offer some of the most competitive pricing in the state.

The HVAC needs of a small diner or café are not the same as a large franchise restaurant; and UMGService specializes in helping our customers in the restaurant industry make smart, prudent, realistic and affordable choices when it comes time to replace or install their system. There are multiple options, and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice.

You Have Enough to Worry About

Statistics show that over 60 percent restaurants fail within the first year, 80 percent close after five years, and that more and more closing every day. In a business where every minute can represent hundreds of dollars, don’t let a malfunctioning HVAC system be the reason why your restaurant loses time and money. UMGService is a leader in New Jersey restaurant HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. Call us today at (973) 866-5445 to let us know what we can do for you. Running a restaurant is hard enough, and we’re determined to do our part to help you succeed.