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Think, for a second, about the role of an HVAC system at assisted-living facilities. Would you want your parent, grandparent or elderly loved one freezing or sweating all day, or breathing in stale and unhealthy air at the residence at which they’re supposed to be safe and comfortable? Data from the New Jersey Department of Human Services indicates that the state’s elderly population is higher than most states in the nation, and many of our state’s elderly residents eventually move in an assisted living facility to ensure their care needs are adequately met, on a macro and day-to-day level.

There are over 350 assisted-living facilities in New Jersey that cater to populations of all ages that need help with their everyday lives, but 35 percent of residents who enter assisted-living facilities live out the rest of their lives there. The last thing families of residents are expecting is to whatever health issues from which they’re suffering aggravated by a broken or faulty HVAC system.

Universal Mechanical Group proudly partners with New Jersey’s health housing community to provide quality installation, maintenance and repair of the assisted-living facilities HVAC systems. Whether your facility is in Alpine, NJ; East Rutherford, NJ; Edgewater, NJ; Englewood, NJ; Franklin lakes, NJ; Glen Rock, NJ; Mahwah, NJ; Maywood, NJ; Palisades Park, NJ; Paramus, NJ or you’re running a facility in Ridgewood, NJ; Rutherford, NJ; Saddle Brook, NJ; Saddle River, NJ; Ho Ho Kus, NJ; Demarest, NJ; Woodcliff Lakes, NJ, we’re here to help you keep residents at your facility safe, comfortable and healthy. Contact us today at (973) 866-5445.

Health Risks of Poorly Function HVAC at Assisted Living Facilities

It’s important to remember that residents at assisted-living facilities are there for reason. Whether it’s the elderly person who could no longer take care of themselves in everyday life, the post-surgical patient who needs help while they’re recovering, the mentally disabled person who needs round-the-clock care or anyone else, these residents usually come to the facility with a variety of health issues that could very easily be triggered and worsened by a malfunctioning or faulty HVAC system.

It’s also very easy for germs to circulate in these areas, as residents are usually incapable of maintaining their own space and self-care regimen. Bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments, and if you’re cooling unit is not working properly, it puts already vulnerable residents at risk for various types of infection, the health risks of which are significantly compounded in elderly residents. On the other hand, if your furnace isn’t working properly, and it’s too cold in your facility, the risk of flu, pneumonia, common cold and similar ailments increases exponentially.

Last, but certainly not least, proper air flow is key to ensuring residents are not breathing in harmful particulates or airborne bacteria. Issues with moisture in your AC unit, dust blowback in your furnace or even leaks in your duct work can create serious problems for your residents, as well as your staff. Universal Mechanical Group is Fully mindful of these health risks, and we’re ready to make sure our assisted-living facilities HVAC systems are running smoothly.

How Can UMGService Help Your Assisted-Living Facility?

You may not feel like the HVAC system at your assisted-living facility has a role to play in maintaining and improving your residents’ health, but rest assured it does. The fact of the matter is that your system will need regular and consistent attention beyond what it takes to get the initial certificate of occupancy. In fact, most regulatory boards governing the conduct of healthcare organizations require a properly functioning HVAC as part of their operability criteria. Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help you keep the doors open, avoid penalties and fines, and ensure your residents health by:

Regularly Maintaining Your Assisted-Living Facility’s HVAC System

We recommend having your heating and cooling system serviced multiple times per year. These systems run 24-7 and the stakes are too high to take short cuts on maintenance.

Universal Mechanical Group performs comprehensive, expert, multi-point maintenance of your system, including changing all fir filters; thoroughly cleaning and checking all components, such as your condensers, coils and blower motors, checking refrigerant levels, sealing all leaks in your hoses, and much more.

Repairing Your Assisted-Living Facility’s HVAC System

Part of our maintenance and service process is making sure we alert our customers to all existing and potential issues with their assisted-living facility’s HVAC system. One issues are diagnosed and identified, we’ll thoroughly explain the issue and why it’s important to rectify it, quickly schedule date for repair and give you a fair, honest and reasonable quote.

Universal Mechanical group offers some of the most competitive prices in New Jersey. The reality of any HVAC system is that, the older they get, the more prone they are to repair issues. Addressing these issues as they arise is key to ensuring the health and longevity of your overall system.

Installation or Replacement of Your HVAC System

Eventually, it will be time to replace your assisted-living facility’s HVAC system. Whether you’re building a new facility, planning a major renovation to your premises, or it’s simply time to upgrade your system, we’re here to guide you in your decision-making, and helping you choose the system that’s best for you.

There are many factors that determine what commercial HVAC system you should choose, including size, location, economics, energy needs and more. Universal Mechanical Group will help you go through all your options and provide affordable, quick and seamless installation of your system. We have years of experience installing all different types of manufacturers.

Are you looking for something with no duct work? Something with more power to accommodate a growing population? How about something that’s more energy-efficient? These are all questions to ask yourself when it comes to install a new system. This is one of the most important decision you can make for your business, and a hasty or ill-informed choice can result in serious financial and health-related consequences.

Protecting Your Interests and Reputation

The stigma that often plagues assisted-living facilities, and the legal issues to which these organizations are often subjected makes it hard enough to do business, generate good will and keep residents’ families happy. Nobody really wants their loved one to be anywhere at home, and people are very protective of their rights, health and quality of life. A broken or faulty HVAC system not only exposes your residents to further health issues, it also leaves your organization open to reputational disaster and potential legal exposure, whether it’s ultimately founded or unfounded. You don’t have to let it get to that point.

What Are the Best Types of HVAC Systems for Assisted-Living Facilities?

There are multiple types of HVAC systems which can be ideal for your assisted-living facility in New Jersey, and understanding your options is critical when it comes time to install or replace your unit. Are you looking for something with more higher levels of energy efficiency? Are you look for something with more power and performance? Do you need that something can seamlessly accommodate different environments simultaneously? Whatever type of system you need, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to guide you in your decision-making and install the best system for your needs and budget. Some of the most common types of HVAC systems for nursing homes include, but are not limited to:

  • Central Air Handling Units
  • Terminal Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
  • Heating and Ventilation Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems/Components
  • Exhaust Systems

Your location may require a hybrid type of HVAC system, depending upon the size and output expectations of your facility.

Accounting for Diversity of Operations

Many different activities take place within an assisted-living facility. Every type of facility has a kitchen to keep clients and residents well fed during their stay. Higher-end facilities may have more climate-specific environments, like a sauna or steam room, fitness facility and more. It’s important to have an HVAC system that can effectively regulate all these different types of climate conditions.

Making sure your HVAC system is running up to code is also critical to keeping your doors open, and avoiding scrutiny and legal accountability. In a facility where many clients to go to temporarily heal from a serious or traumatic condition, the quality of air to which they’re exposed plays a key role in their recovery and their ability to reclaim their health and independence. Universal Mechanical group is ready to help you fully understand you HVAC needs, and how we can help you install or upgrade your heating or cooling unit.

Ready to Service All Your Assisted-Living Facility’s HVAC Needs

Universal Mechanical Group is New Jersey’s premier resource for assisted-living facility HVAC repair, service and installation. We proudly serve customers in Essex county, NJ Livingston, NJ, West orange, NJ, Essex fells, NJ, Montclair, NJ, Short Hills, NJ, Millburn, NJ, Caldwell, NJ and throughout New Jersey. We offer satisfaction guarantees on all of our projects, and are available 24-7. Call Universal Mechanical Group today at (973) 866-5445 to schedule your appointment and get the peace of mind that you, your residents and your staff deserves.