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Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance


Serving All of Your Company’s Commercial HVAC Maintenance Needs


Even the most expensive, state-of-the-art commercial HVAC systems require routine maintenance to keep them running at peak performance, maximize efficiency and keep your staff, customers and guests safe and comfortable. Without proper commercial HVAC maintenance, you run the risk of significantly shortening the life of your system, increase your monthly energy costs, and putting your building’s occupants at direct risk for discomfort and even long-term health complications.

Universal Mechanical Group is here to provide the Garden State business community with convenient, reliable, expert and affordable commercial HVAC maintenance in NJ. Call our experienced and qualified maintenance technicians today at (973) 866-5445 to schedule your maintenance now.


The High Cost of Improper Commercial HVAC Maintenance 


Failure to maintain your commercial HVAC system can turn little issues into big problems. It doesn’t take much to compound these issue, and it’s critical that you have your system maintained on a regular basis to avoid unnecessary costly repairs. Universal Mechanical Group has seen the most expensive commercial HVAC systems malfunction before their time simply because of improper maintenance.

On top of putting your system at risk for costly premature repairs, it can cause your business to bleed cash on monthly heating and cooling bills. The United States Department of Energy reports that the average American business spends 40 percent of their monthly energy costs on heating and cooling, and that’s with an optimally running system. These figures can rise even more when your HVAC unit isn’t running properly or at full performance. Let Universal Mechanical Group help you ensure that you commercial HVAC system is performing exactly how it should.


Common Commercial HVAC Maintenance Issues for Your Heating System


Throughout the life of your heating system, your furnace will require routine maintenance to address a variety of issues, including but not limited to:


  • Dirty or Clogged Air Filters– A dirty or clogged air filter is a small problem that can have enormous ramifications. They prevent air from properly flowing through your space and place undue pressure on other major components of your heating system, such as the blower motors.


  • Inactive or Blown-Out Pilot Light– Newer furnaces no longer use an actual pilot light, rather an electronic switch that prevents the flow of gas without the heater actually being on. These sensors routinely get dirty and need to be replaced, a task best left to a commercial HVAC maintenance technician.


  • Heater Won’t Shut Off – The first thing you’ll want to check if your heating system won’t shut off is whether or not the thermostat is working properly. Check and see if your furnace is set to “auto” instead of “on”. This way, when it reaches a certain temperature, it will shut off. If your thermostat is broken or malfunctioning, check the batteries and ensure proper cycling. If the problem persists, it’s best to contact an experienced and qualified commercial HVAC maintenance specialist.


These are just a few of the issues that are commonly associated with malfunctioning heating systems. Exact issues depend on what type of system you have, age, level of use and other factors.


Common Commercial HVAC System Maintenance Issues for Your Cooling System


Your commercial air conditioning system will have its own unique set of issues that you will need to address through regularly scheduled upkeep and maintenance, some of the most common of which can include:


  • Low Refrigerant Levels– Your commercial cooling unit basic runs on refrigerant levels that cool the and regulate temperature. In locations that run air conditioning with more frequency or regularity, it may become necessary to refill this refrigerant more often. This can also be attributed to more serious problems like leaks in your refrigerant lines, in which case it is best to call a technician immediately.


  • Dirty Condenser Coils – The condenser coil in your commercial AC unit gets rid of hot air by expelling it to your building’s exterior. It is the last line of defense for air intake and upkeep, and can often take more of a beating than other parts of your system, including build up of dirt, grime and debris. Routine commercial HVAC maintenance should include the thorough cleaning of AC condenser coils.


  • Frozen Evaporator Coils– The evaporator coil in responsible for absorbing hot air so the condenser coil can send it out of the building. It’s possible and common for these elements to freeze, at which point they will stop working properly. A frozen condenser coil should be addressed by an experienced, licensed commercial HVAC maintenance technician.


Some easily doable commercial cooling maintenance tasks include regularly changing air filters, making sure your condenser is free of outside debris, leaves, dirt and grass, and checking your duct work for leaks and holes. Whenever it comes time to maintain your system, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help.


How Often Should I Be Maintaining My Commercial HVAC System?


Most commercial HVAC systems perform are run at higher and more frequent levels than household units, and some industries like restaurants, factories, warehouses and more, demand of their facilities’ HVAC systems than others. For this reason, Universal Mechanical Group recommends performing routine maintenance on your system four times per year.

Our licensed and qualified commercial HVAC maintenance technicians in NJ are available at a moment’s notice to help you keep your system in tip-top condition. You invest a significant amount of time and money in your commercial HVAC system, and proper maintenance will ensure that your investment is protected.


The UMG Commercial HVAC Maintenance Process


Universal Mechanical Group will thoroughly inspect your commercial HVAC system, clean all components, check and fill refrigerant levels, inspect the capacity of your thermostat, and ensure all elements are working in seamless cooperation. Our technicians have decades of experience, and are available 24-7 to serve your needs. Your have enough to worry about while running your business besides your commercial HVAC system. Consider Universal Mechanical Group your silent partner as you endeavor to maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment.


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