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When my A/C starting leaking at 2 am last night I was very relieved UMGservice was able to send a tech out to stop the leak. It turned out the condensate drain was clogged and the drip tray had a loose fitting that was allowing water to leak.
- Mo Kourani
The best service I ever received. Professional.... affordable.. reliable....the job was done very quickly and my house was left very clean. I would recommend this company to absolutely everyone, and we will certainly use them again and again!!! Thank you so much for a job well done!
- Linda Scherf
Jimmy came out to our house and explained everything that a tune up includes for our heating system. They did a great job and I’m completely satisfied with the reasonable price they offered us. I will recommend them to anyone who needs their services with my eyes blindfolded.
- Rick K
Called for HVAC service since our heat wasn't working, they arrived on time and fixed the furnace without any issues. Price was fair and job was left clean. Great work highly recommended
- Ali Abuassab
Nazeeh is skilled, dedicated, and honest. He knows what he's doing, will get the job done properly, and won't take advantage of you. Highly recommended.
- Sunil Gupta
UMG renovated my kitchen. They were thorough, reliable, and always checked back before and after any part of the renovation to make sure it was just as I specified and up to my standards. Highly recommend!
- S Jackson

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How to Hire an HVAC Contractor in Jersey City

Are you having problems with the HVAC system at your residence or commercial building? Perhaps you want to install a new HVAC system? A good HVAC contractor in Jersey City is the solution to all these problems. 

But finding a good contractor is often easier said than done. Although spotting an honest, good, and dependable HVAC service provider is time consuming, it’s not impossible. Follow the suggestions below to improve your chances of getting a service provider that will and deliver excellent results and, you’ll be happy to work with. 

Steps to Finding HVAC Contractors 

The first step to choosing the right contractors is coming up with a shortlist that you can work with. There are several ways to do this: 

  • Referrals – The best method of finding good HVAC contractors in Jersey City is through referrals. Ask friends, family, and neighbors of any good contractors they have previously worked with and how their experience was. If they content with the results, there’s a good chance you will too. 
  • Google – A quick Google search will provide you with plenty of options around your location. Before selecting the service provider you want to work with, check their Google reviews to get an idea of how previous customers feel about the service. You can also check their address for proximity in case you want to visit their offices. 
  • The local home improvement stores – This is not a popular approach, but if the other avenues haven’t yielded any results and you have no other option, it is worth considering. Spend time at the furnace repair and AC aisles at your local home improvement store. and ask attendants and the shoppers for good contractors they have worked with. 

Screening HVAC Contractors 

From the referrals and recommendations above, you now have a list of HVAC contractors to work with. Your goal now is to trim the list down to three best-suited candidates that you will interview. 

Step 1: Start by reviewing third-party sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Better Business Bureau. Peruse through the reviews and ratings of each of the contractors on each site. It’s not unusual to stumble upon a few negative reviews. What you’re looking for is the volume of positive feedback and the company’s responses to their customers, even those that left negative reviews. 

Step 2: The first step should narrow your options down to a handful of companies with the most positive reviews and professional responses. Check the service provider’s Google business page and look at the customer reviews. This will give you a clearer picture of the company’s performance. 

Step 3: Visit the contractor’s official website. The appearance and website content will inform you of the contractor’s seriousness and professionalism. Some of the other vital details to check while on the website are if the contractor is a member of any reputable industry associations, has any special certifications from industry organizations and has won any notable awards. 

Step 4: Finally, pay a visit to the contractor’s social media accounts. It should give you a clear picture of the company and its employees it. Check to see how the company responds to questions from potential customers, their transparency on rates, and how long they take to respond. You can even submit a few of your questions on the page to gauge how fast and helpful their response is. 

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractors 

At this point, you’re only left with a few HVAC contractors in Jersey City from your initial list. Before proceeding with the selection process, there are a few essential things you should confirm. The HVAC contractors will be working inside your home and around your children and loved ones. So, it doesn’t hurt to get as much information as possible. 

  • Is the contractor a safe HVAC contractor

Before going ahead to do physical interviews, there are a few things that you can still check using the internet. These include:  

  • Is the contractor an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau 
  • Does the contractor have adequate insurance?
  • Do they have proper licensing?
  • Are the technicians background checked?
  • Are the technicians drug tested? 
  • Has the business been around for about five years? 

You can also set up a physical visit to the contractor’s physical address to verify some of the information like the licenses and insurance. Most contractors will proudly hang them around the office to gain the trust of their clients. 

From the information you gather from these checks, you should have a final checklist of at least three contractors. 

  • Schedule a visit for the quote

Price is going to play a substantial role in the contractor you finally decide to work with. Although it shouldn’t be the sole determinant, you don’t want to work with an exorbitant contractor or one that is too cheap. 

Make a phone call to the different service providers. Clearly describe the service you need and schedule a visit for a quote. 

During the visit, check the condition and branding on the van, check if the representative is wearing company uniform, if they have their credentials clearly displayed on the pocket or a lanyard and if their face matches their job ID card photo. 

You should observe how they conduct themselves around you. Are they polite? Are they professional? Do they answer your questions in a helpful way you can understand?

  • Ask All the Important Questions 

 There are several questions that will make it easier for you to choose the right HVAC contract in Jersey City. Some of the questions you should ask include: 

  • Will you apply for the necessary permits for the job? 
  • How will you determine the ideal load for my home? 
  • How soon can I see the load calculation results? 
  • Will you check for leaks in the existing ductwork? 
  • How long do the warranties for labor and materials last? 
  • Do you offer any guarantees? 
  • Are the warranties supplied in writing? 
  • What are the restrictions on the warranty work? 
  • Is there a money-back guarantee? What are the conditions and details? 

The answers to every one of these questions will either build your trust with the contractor or make you more skeptical about working with them. What you’re looking for are straight, short, and clear answers. If the contractor offers vague answers, it’s best to move on. 

Using these steps, getting a good HVAC contractor shouldn’t be difficult. You can also contact UMG Service for professional HVAC installation, AC and furnace repair services. We check on all the right boxes, and you’re more than welcome to confirm our competence.

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