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HVAC systems for shopping malls have an enormous amount of responsibility. They’re charged with keeping customers comfortable and safe during their shopping experience, and keeping malls profitable throughout the year. While it may seem like an overlooked factor in the shopping experience, imagine, for a minute, what would happen if the HVAC system in the mall you own or managed suddenly malfunctioned or stopped working.

Customers often spend hours-long, marathon shopping sessions at malls, and they’re not likely to stick around if they’re too hot, too cold or they can’t breathe. New Jersey is home to some of the largest, most profitable and robust shopping malls in the country, making the state a premier national shopping destination. With holiday season officially in full swing, it is critical that you ensure your mall’s HVAC system is in proper working order.

Universal Mechanical group has spent years helping New Jersey’s legendary shopping malls keep their customers happy, safe and shopping by providing quality, affordable and reputable mall HVAC repair, maintenance and replacement. We proudly serve malls’ HVAC needs throughout the state, including Alpine, NJ; East Rutherford, NJ; Edgewater, NJ; Englewood, NJ; Franklin lakes, NJ; Glen Rock, NJ; Mahwah, NJ; Maywood, NJ; Palisades Park, NJ; Paramus, NJ, as well as major and independent commercial shopping malls in Ridgewood, NJ; Rutherford, NJ; Saddle Brook, NJ; Saddle River, NJ; Ho Ho Kus, NJ; Demarest, NJ; Woodcliff Lakes, NJ. Contact us today at (973) 866-5445 to learn more about what we can do for you.

Common Installation Options for Mall HVAC Systems

A mall’s HVAC system needs power, versatility, efficiency and intuitiveness to operate at full performance on a daily basis. This is a sophisticated and complex assortment of components that, in many cases, should be custom-designed to each property management company’s specifications. Whether you’re planning an expansion, upgrade, renovation or system-for-system replacement, designing and implementing your HVAC solutions for your mall should be a cornerstone of the plan.

There are multiple types of commercial HVAC systems for malls of which building owners and property managers can avail themselves, and more and more technologies are emerging every year to maximize performance, efficiency and operational intelligence. Currently, some of the most common options for mall HVAC systems include:

  • Multizone Systems – Multizone HVAC systems provide each area of your mall with its own climate control capabilities. They can provide each zone in your mall with air at a different temperature by heating or cooling the airstream in each zone. Multizone systems can also run with the help of supplementary systems to keep airflow consistent.
  • Constant Volume Systems – The aptly named constant volume HVAC system works by delivering a steady and consistent volume of airflow throughout your space. Changes in space temperatures are made by heating or cooling the air or switching the air handling unit on and off, rather than by adjusting the volume of airflow itself.
  • Variable Volume Systems – Conversely to the aforementioned constant volume systems, variable volume systems work by adjusting the actual volume of airflow in your space. They work by varying the airflow rather than temperature to keep spaces consistently comfortable.

In some cases, though not that often, malls may operate on a single-zone system. These systems can only adjust the temperature of corresponding zones if they have similar or identical ventilation, heating and cooling parameters. Some systems rely on mixing outdoor air and what is called “return air” to properly regulate the temperature of space. These systems can often result in problems with indoor air quality if the outdoor air damper is not operating properly

What Does This All Mean to You?

If you’re not sure what these terms mean or how they apply to your mall’s HVAC system, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here. Universal Mechanical Group will help you determine what type of system is best for your mall based on size, output needs, location and the actual design of your space. Let us help you guide you through this critically important process to keep your mall consistently comfortable and profitable.

Mall HVAC Installation: What Kind of System Does My Mall Need?

A mall’s HVAC system is not like any other. It has performance expectations and responsibilities far beyond those of other types of systems. Think of they sheer diversity of a mall’s commerce ecosystem . It has to be able to perform at optimal levels to accommodate retail centers, food storage, fitness centers and a slew of other environmental factors. For this reason, it’s important that you choose an HVAC system for your mall that provides optimal versatility and performance.

If you’re getting ready to install a replace an HVAC system for your mall, Universal Mechanical Group recommends a multizone system that can accommodate a full range of atmospheric conditions. A mall is almost like it’s own mini city, and it’s important that each area within its wall have optimal heating and cooling conditions. Universal Mechanical Group will help you design, choose and install the perfect HVAC solution for your shopping mall, no matter what the size and scope of the project. We will assess your project, guide you in the right direction and give you the best possible price on your installation. Contact us today.

What Should I Consider When Installing, Maintaining and Repairing My Mall’s HVAC System?

There are a great many factors to consider when designing HVAC solutions for your shopping mall, including but not limited to:

Location of Mall

New Jersey shopping malls require versatility and performance in their heating and cooling systems. We all know that the state has four distinct seasons, the weather of which often varies greatly from day to day. It’s important to have a system that s powerful and versatile enough to ensure that your customers are comfortable through all types of weather.

Size of Mall

Temperature regulation and proper ventilation of a multi-thousand-square foot shopping mall is no easy task. It requires incredible planning and performance that accounts for the many distinct types of environments within a mall’s doors. You need a system that is powerful enough to accommodate restaurants, clothing stores, security offices, ice cream shops and so many other types of shopping experiences.

Energy Savings for Your Mall

The average mall can pay between $20,000-$40,000 per month on energy costs. Whether you own the mall outright or you’re a property management company that’s overseeing its maintenance, you simply an afford to resorb wasteful spending associated with faulty or malfunctioning HVAC systems. There are numerous energy-efficient systems on the market that can help you save thousands per year. Let us help you find them.

Proper Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Shopping Mall’s HVAC System

While each mall’s HVAC system might be a little bit different, each one puts out an incredible amount of power every day, and is used 24-7. For this reason, it’s important to frequently proactively have your system professionally maintained. Universal Mechanical Group recommends maintaining your mall’s HVAC system at least three to four times per year.

Maintenance should be done by an experienced, qualified and licensed professional who will clean all components, hoses, condensers, coils and all other parts; ensure refrigerant levels are optimized in your cooling system; and program and check your thermostat to ensure it’s not tripping or causing your heating or cooling system to overperform.

Maintenance techs should also change all air filters to ensure, troubleshoot all system components and alert you of any major repair issues that will need to be made immediately or in the short-term future. Proper maintenance of your hospital’s HVAC system is key to ensuring its performance, longevity and health.

When It’s Time to Repair Your Mall’s HVAC System

The reality of any mall’s HVAC system is that anything can go wrong at any given time. This is a complex series of parts and components working seamlessly on a daily basis, and the older your system gets, the more vulnerable it is to repair issues, such as blower motors, belts, hoses, condensers or anything else. Part of any mall HVAC maintenance routine should include alerting customers to potential problems, and developing a plan to proactively rectify the problem. No matter what kind of repair issue you’re having, Universal Mechanical Group will provide the most affordable service in the state.

Don’t Let Your Mall Lose Customers Because of A Broken Commercial HVAC System

Here’s a reality check…the American shopping mall is already in a great deal of trouble. Online shopping, specialty stores and various other changes in the commerce landscape are rendering malls increasingly vulnerable to shuttering. The last thing your shopping mall needs is to be hampered by uncomfortable environmental conditions due to faulty HVAC system.

Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help you keep your mall thriving and filled with customers by providing expert and affordable HVAC repair, maintenance and installation for your NJ shopping mall. Our certified, licensed and experienced professionals are available day or night to help you. Contact us today at (973) 866-5445 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about what we can do for you. We’re waiting for your call.