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Whether you’re a store owner or a customer, you quickly learn how important quality HVAC for shopping centers can be. New Jersey is known for its rich and versatile shopping landscape, from its boutiques, to its plazas to its enormous and legendary shopping malls, and part of ensuring optimal customer experience is making sure shoppers are comfortable and breathing cleaning air. With holiday season officially here, New Jersey Shopping Centers are practically guaranteed to see an uptick in visitor traffic for the next 60 days, and it’s important that your HVAC system, specifically your heat, is running at full performance during the colder months.  

Universal Mechanical Group has decades of experience helping New Jersey’s shopping centers resolve and address their diverse HVAC installation, repair and maintenance needs. We proudly serve shopping center property owners and managers throughout the state. Whether you’re operating a smaller independent strip mall in Paramus, NJ; Alpine, NJ; East Rutherford, NJ; Edgewater, NJ; Englewood, NJ; Franklin lakes, NJ; Glen Rock, NJ; Mahwah, NJ; Maywood, NJ; Palisades Park, NJ, or you’re running a major commercial shopping center in Ridgewood, NJ; Rutherford, NJ; Saddle Brook, NJ; Saddle River, NJ; Ho Ho Kus, NJ; Demarest, NJ; Woodcliff Lakes, NJ or anywhere else in the state, we’re here to help you make sure things run smoothly with your HVAC system.

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The Unique HVAC Needs of New Jersey Shopping Centers

When it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of your shopping center’s HVAC system, there are a great many factors to consider when determining your course of action, including;

Size and Square Footage of Your Shopping Center

There is no one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter concept when it comes to installing, maintaining or repairing your shopping center’s heating and cooling system. Do you own or operate a smaller strip mall that could benefit from a more contained energy-efficient system? Is it a full-on outdoor outlet mall where customers will be traveling from store to store outside? What about a large-scale shopping mall that houses different types of stores, restaurants and specialty shops. The size and purpose of your shopping center will ultimately dictate what kind of system you choose and the frequency with which you maintain it every season.

What Kind of Retail Stores Are In Your Shopping Center?

Anyone who has ever visited a shopping center in New Jersey knows that you can easily find two or more very unrelated businesses right next to each other. In one suite, you can find an Italian specialty food store and in the next, you can find a clothing or print shop. Next door to that might be a BBQ restaurant for fried-chicken café. The reality is that all of these environments require different demands from their HVAC system, and it’s important that the system you choose can accommodate all of your shopping center’s diverse needs. Universal Mechanical Group is ready to work with you decide what type of commercial HVAC system you should choose.

Cost and Budget for Your Shopping Center’s Monthly Energy Bills

Another thing every business owner or property manager in New Jersey comes to realize is just how expensive monthly heating and cooling costs could be. These expenditures add up quickly and can easily start eating into operating costs, so it’s important that you have a system that’s not only effective, but also affordable, particularly during lower-traffic months. Remember that a commercial HVAC system is usually a 15 to 20-year investment, and the more money you can save between repair and maintenance the better. The certified and licensed professionals at Universal Mechanical Group are ready to help you explore the best possible options on your shopping center’s HVAC system to save you money.

Shopping Center HVAC Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Store leases may come and go in your shopping center, but the permanence of your HVAC system is not quite so transient…or at least it doesn’t have to be. Quality, effective, proactive maintenance of your shopping center’s HVAC system is critical to its health, longevity and overall function. Universal Mechanical Group offers certified licensed professional maintenance of your heating and cooling system.

Our maintenance techs will clean all components, hoses, condensers, coils and all other parts; ensure refrigerant levels are optimized in your cooling system; and program and check your thermostat to ensure it’s not tripping or causing your heating or cooling system to overperform. Our techs will also change all air filters to ensure optimized flow, troubleshoot all system components and alert you of any major repair issues that will need to be made immediately or in the short-term future.

When Something Goes Wrong: Repairing Your Shopping Center’s HVAC System

One last thing that business owners and property managers know is that nothing lasts forever. There will eventually come a time when you will need to repair or replace a vital part of your shopping center’s HVAC system. Whether it’s a blower motor, flame sensor, coil, condenser or any other element of your heating or cooling system, the older your system gets, the more vulnerable it is to repair issues.

Universal Mechanical Group is fully mindful of the age-related breakdown that plagues commercial HVAC systems and we’re committed to providing shopping centers throughout New Jersey with expert repair services, day or night. Part of our maintenance routine is letting you know about impending and existing repair issues, and giving you the best possible price to have them taken care of immediately.

What Kind of HVAC System Does My Shopping Center Need?

There are more and more types of customized, modular and intuitive HVAC systems for shopping centers, malls and other types of retail environments emerging each year, and it’s important that New Jersey property managers and building owners identify the scalable heating and cooling solutions that best suit their needs.

There are also, however, standard tried-and-true resources that have served shopping center owners and managers for years. When you’re getting ready to upgrade, install or replace your shopping centers HVAC system, you want an option that offers energy-efficiency, versatility, power and performance.

The reality is that, as celebrated as it is for its shopping culture, New Jersey’s weather can be rather extreme during the height of winter and summer, so you’ll need a system that can run 24-7 seven in the face of all types of climate from the dog days of August to the bone-chilling middle of January. Let’s face it, New Jerseyeans shop all year, and you need a system that can accommodate year-round traffic.

Heating Solutions for New Jersey Shopping Centers

There’s an increasingly large emphasis placed on energy-efficiency and the reduction of carbon footprint in both business and everyday life. To that end, shopping centers’ heating system have become more efficient and eco-friendlier than ever. While it is possible for different stores within a designated shopping center or strip mall to have their own heating systems, most shopping centers rely on centralized heating systems to heat the entire center.

Retail radiant heating is the prevailing trend for today’s shopping centers and standalone retail outlets. This solution perfectly balances customer comfort and satisfaction with cost-effectiveness and economy, saving landlords and property managers thousands per year on their energy bills. Hot air furnaces are another common type of scalable retail heating option, and are a go-to solution for those who want to simplify function. Very often, during the height of summer, shopping centers can be refuges for shoppers without AC to escape the heat.

Air Conditioning for Your New Jersey Shopping Center

There are few greater expenses that the New Jersey business owner or property manager can incur than their monthly air conditioning bill, even in the milder months. The standard paradigm for shopping centers’ air conditioning system includes a centralized station with multiple units that run for generally between 13-15 hours per day. These systems are capable of providing specific temperature regulation throughout all of the zones in your shopping center, which means the deli, clothing store, bank and auto parts outlet are all cooled to their exact specifications and preferences.

Whether you’re a business owner, tenant of a shopping center or property manager, your shopping center’s HVAC system can be one of your most effective marketing tools. While this may come as no surprise, research suggests that the longer customers stay in a store, the more apt they are to buy things and spend money. What may be even less surprising is that they’re more likely to spend prolonged periods of time in your store, if they’re comfortable and breathing clean air. Let your shopping center’s HVAC system be your silent partner in boosting your sales and maximizing profits.

Trust the Professionals at Universal Mechanical Group

New Jersey is a state that thrives on shopping. The only question is…where do you fit in? In such a fiercely competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to have anything sour customers’ experience and get them away from your shopping center. Don’t let something as basic, albeit essential, as a faulty or malfunctioning HVAC system knock you out of position. Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help resolve your shopping center’s HVAC installation, maintenance or repair needs. Contact us today at (973) 866-5445 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We’re available 24-7, and offer the most competitive prices in all of New Jersey. Call today.