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As keeping your home warm in winters and cool in summer is one of the important tasks but it should not leave you broke. So use following steps to save money on heating and air costs.

How to Save Money on Heating and Air Costs

Dress for cold weather Use warm dress to keep yourself warm and away from cold so that you may not use any heater or furnace. Decorate for warmth Keep your home filled with warm accessories such as insulated curtains on your windows, use blankets on your sofas and put flannel sheets on your beds and rugs on your floor. Take advantage of free solar heating To keep your home warm open the curtains during the day and close the windows and curtains at night. Minimize the use of Kitchen and Bathroom fans As they suck the bad smell but they also suck heat which can cause cold in your home. Change your filter regularly Change your filters regularly to avoid high energy bills because old and dirty filters can cause high energy bills. Get the ceiling fans going on The hot air is a naughty air and it may go upward so use the fans in opposite direction so the air may come down again.  Get an energy audit Call for an energy auditor who may inspect your home and can assist you how to avoid high energy bills by telling you the location where you can reduce the extra energy usage. Insulate. Then insulate some more All you need for this purpose is to plug your zip code in Department of Energy insulation tool. So through this you can find out that how much energy your home need. Then you can beef up your existing insulation as needed. Wrangle for a better rate If you are living in such an area where you have to pay high electricity and gas bills so all you need is to go for such place where rate of bills is less than other. Kick that old unit into a curb As break up is not an easy task but if you have spend a long time with your heating unit so now it’s time to throw that unit into the curb and get the new one because old units are also cause of high bills. If you are running an air conditioner in your home so it may blow up your meters like sky rockets. So by using following steps you can also avoid electricity bills. Quit cooling the neighbourhood If your home is old so it might possible that the cool air may sneaks out through cracks in doors and walls. So to avoid the cool air going in neighbour house make the energy audit of your home. Use ceiling fans Do not use air conditioner all the time. Use ceiling fans also to avoid high electricity bills. Make an upgrade It’s also essential to upgrade your smart thermostat such as Ecobee, Lyric, Lux or Nest.When you are not at home so smart thermostat can help you to regulate heating and cooling.