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When my A/C starting leaking at 2 am last night I was very relieved UMGservice was able to send a tech out to stop the leak. It turned out the condensate drain was clogged and the drip tray had a loose fitting that was allowing water to leak.
- Mo Kourani
The best service I ever received. Professional.... affordable.. reliable....the job was done very quickly and my house was left very clean. I would recommend this company to absolutely everyone, and we will certainly use them again and again!!! Thank you so much for a job well done!
- Linda Scherf
Jimmy came out to our house and explained everything that a tune up includes for our heating system. They did a great job and I’m completely satisfied with the reasonable price they offered us. I will recommend them to anyone who needs their services with my eyes blindfolded.
- Rick K
Called for HVAC service since our heat wasn't working, they arrived on time and fixed the furnace without any issues. Price was fair and job was left clean. Great work highly recommended
- Ali Abuassab
Nazeeh is skilled, dedicated, and honest. He knows what he's doing, will get the job done properly, and won't take advantage of you. Highly recommended.
- Sunil Gupta
UMG renovated my kitchen. They were thorough, reliable, and always checked back before and after any part of the renovation to make sure it was just as I specified and up to my standards. Highly recommend!
- S Jackson

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Commercial HVAC Repair

New Jersey’s Premier Commercial HVAC Repair Resource

Every New Jersey business owner understands the critical importance of swift, immediate and quality commercial HVAC repair when something goes wrong with their heating or cooling system. A business’ commercial HVAC system represents a critical element of its daily operations, playing a key role in everything from the safety and comfort of employees to the longevity of products and internal infrastructure.

When it comes time to repair your New Jersey business’ commercial HVAC system, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help save you money, optimize your system’s performance and keep it running on all cylinders. We specialize in the repair of all types of systems, and are ready to put our experience and resources to work for you.

Do I Need Commercial HVAC Repair?

The average commercial HVAC lasts about 15-20 years, during which it can continue to run at peak performance with consistent upkeep and maintenance. The reality is, however, that the older your system gets, the more prone it is to serious issues and the need for more in-depth repair. There are multiple indicators that your business may need to consider professional commercial HVAC repair, including but not limited to:

  • Uneven or Weak Air Output– One of the most common signals that your commercial HVAC system needs repair is that it’s simply not performing equally throughout your building. This may be able to be fixed through a process called “air balancing”, which simply means modifying your HVAC system’s duct work so that air flows evenly throughout your office, warehouse or any other type of building.

Solutions to unbalanced airflow can range from simple (ensuring air vents are properly opened or closed) to more complicated (repairing or replacing duct work or insulation). Either way, it’s best to contact an experienced and qualified repair professionals.

  • Unusual Sounds– Hearing a banging or clanging in your furnace? How about a stalling or sputtering in your air conditioning unit? Is your condenser making an odd hissing or squealing noise? These sounds could be indicative of a variety of issues.

Stalling and sputtering can mean a problem with the blower motor as it struggles to push air through dirty or clogged filters. Hissing is a prime indicator of a change in airflow, which may be caused by a leak in your duct work. Squeaking during startup and shutdown may simply mean that it’s time for a tune-up or service.

Other indicators of the need for commercial HVAC repair, include crackling or popping and humming.

  • Odd or Unusual Smells – There are several common HVAC odors, and they can be caused by a number of issues. An overheating or electrical issue may be exemplified through a burning odor. This is different from the initial smell your furnace gives off in the fall.

Another type of odor that can indicate a problem in your commercial HVAC system is a “rotten egg” smell. This smell usually means there’s a natural gas leak, which should be addressed immediately by qualified professional. Open the windows to your home, get out of the house immediately, then call the gas company.

The smell of mold and mildew is also a common indicator of the need for commercial HVAC repair. It’s usually brought on by moisture trapped in the air conditioning system through leaks in the hoses, or just buildup in the filter. These problems can not only inhibit the function of your system, it can also create airborne health issues, and put your building’s occupants at risk for respiratory illness.

Whatever kind of odd or unusual smell you’re noticing from your commercial HVAC system, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help you diagnose and address the issue quickly and with confidence.

Your Business Depends on Quality Commercial HVAC Repair

When the heating or air conditioning system malfunctions in your place of business, the stakes can be much higher than if it malfunctions in your home. The reality is that the average residential customer can stand a certain level of discomfort with minimal disruption to their lives.

When your commercial system goes, it can have real implication on your business, leading to thousands of dollars in lost productivity, destruction of product and increasing erosion of employee morale.

Universal Mechanical Group has spent years partnering with the New Jersey business community to address their commercial HVAC repair needs, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Some types of businesses that are prone to the need for commercial HVAC repair include:

  • The Restaurant Industry– Constant smoke, grease and extremely hot environments put extraordinary pressure on a restaurant’s commercial HVAC system. It’s imperative that you quickly and effectively address even minor issues as they emerge.
  • Factories– Production environments produce a considerable amount of dirt and particulates, and their HVAC systems generally take more abuse then other commercial spaces, such as offices. A breakdown in your factory’s commercial HVAC system put your employees at risk and considerably inhibits productivity.
  • Warehouses– Large warehouses and other oversized spaces place an extraordinary amount of strain on their HVAC systems, which can expedite breakdown and the subsequent need for repair. Before the problem escalates, it’s best to call a qualified commercial HVAC repair specialist.

No matter what type of business you operate, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to help you quickly and effectively repair your HVAC system to keep your company running and your employees and colleagues safe and comfortable.

The UMGService Commercial HVAC Repair Process

The process of repairing your commercial HVAC system begins with a thorough inspection and assessment of your system and determining the origin of the issue. From there, our licensed and qualified technicians will offer a free, no-obligation estimate on your repair.

Universal Mechanical Group offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry, and is available day or night to help your New Jersey business address for its HVAC needs.

You don’t have to settle for a broken or semi-functional HVAC system. Your employees and customers deserve to be safe and comfortable, and we’re ready to help you ensure they are.

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