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Air Conditioning Repair Near Me: Keeping Your Unit Running Smoothly

In just a matter of months, the pleasantness of warm weather will turn to punishingly hot. The last thing you’ll want to have to worry about is your air conditioner malfunctioning. As the temperature rises in New Jersey and surrounding areas, there are many situations in which you may find yourself searching for “air conditioning repair near me”. Perhaps you’re experiencing a minor maintenance issue that can be diagnosed and fixed in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps you’re experiencing a major repair that calls for experienced and qualified professional service. Universal Mechanical Group is committed to helping you get the peace of mind and satisfaction you expect and deserve. Call us today at (973) 866-5445 to schedule your free no-obligation estimate. We’re available 24-7 to resolve your issue and offer satisfaction guarantees on all repairs, no matter the project.

When Should I Look for Air Conditioning Repair Near Me?

Many people make the mistake of ignoring or misinterpreting serious problems with their air conditioning unit. This leads to serious, costly, long-term repair issues that can run hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending upon the scope of the issue. With that being said, it’s hard to know the difference between a minor problem and a serious issue. There are many scenarios that can prompt New Jersey residents to search for “air conditioning repair near me, including:

Strange Sounds or Smells

Unusual sounds or smells are on of the prime indicators of the need for air conditioner repair.  These sounds and odors can signify many issues, but are usually related to problems with the compressor, fan blade, drive shaft or fan blower motor. If the air from your system smells musty, it may be due to mold and/or mildew build up in your duct system. One way to get rid of this is to change the filter and clean the drip pan in your HVAC system. Clean using bleach or white vinegar to make sure the area is no longer hospitable to mold growth.

Uneven or Inadequate Air Flow

The most common cause of window air conditioners not blowing cold air is a lack of adequate air flow. In a properly working air conditioner, a fan will draw air over the evaporator coils, where it is cooled, and then be re-circulated back into the room. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, there may be little or no air flow over the evaporator coils, which may cause them to become too cold and frost or ice can form on them, restricting the air flow even more.

This will result in little or no cool air circulating into the room. The air filter is normally located behind the front grille which may have a side access opening. Clean or replace the filter as often as required. If the evaporator coils are very dirty then cleaning with soapy water and a soft brush will be required and we also recommend changing the filter.

Leaking or Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in your air conditioning system can be safely described as its lifeblood and is the stuff that your air conditioner uses to remove the heat and humidity from the air in your NJ home or business. If your system develops leaks in the refrigerant lines, you can end up with not enough refrigerant to effectively cool the air. Unfortunately, fixing this air conditioner problem correctly is not just a matter of replacing the refrigerant. An air conditioner repair technician needs to find the leaks and repair the holes in the lines, which can sometimes be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially when there are multiple leaks. This is a very delicate process best handled with the assistance of experienced, qualified and certified air conditioning professionals.  

Backed Up or Clogged Drains

It’s really amazing how much a seemingly small problem like moisture back-up can have such costly implications. All the moisture that your air conditioner discards must have  somewhere to go. When it gets backed up, from whatever type of obstruction, it can lead to a variety of serious and long-term issues. Moisture from our system is supposed to be removed from the space through a drain line, into a pan and finally down a drain. If moisture clogs the line or drain, the water can back up and damage your system. You can also wind up with water leaks that damage your walls, ceilings, and furnishings. If you don’t see it right away, you’ll eventually have mold growth. This can lead to thousands of dollars of damage to your property, as well as serious health issues for your space’s occupants.

Duct Work Issues

Perhaps some of the most potentially costly issues associated with air conditioner repair relate to duct work. The ductwork that runs through your walls and ceilings carries the cooled air from the air conditioner throughout your space. However, if there are holes or breaks in the ducts (which can be caused by rodents or careless workers), that cooled air winds up inside your walls where it’s not doing anybody any good. And, of course, this scenario causes your air conditioner to work harder and drive up your energy bills. If you find yourself searching for “air conditioner repair near me”, you may have a serious problem with your duct work that will need to be addressed. This issue often presents itself through sounds or smells. Either a critter gets into your duct work or moisture and debris collects to create a stagnant or downright foul odor.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Near Me Cost?

Of course cost is a significant factor in making the decision to get your air conditioner repaired or just let the problem go. Every New Jersey business or homeowner is forced to weight need versus price when it comes time to repair their cooling unit. It’s important to realize, however, that letting the problem go only compounds it and puts your friends, family, colleagues and customers at risk for prolonged discomfort and serious illness. On average, homeowners pay $300 for air conditioner repairs nationally.

While each cooling repair technician’s prices will vary, based upon factors like experience, scope of work and area served, the average price of common projects, include:

  • Replacement of Condensate Drain Tubes – $20
  • Changing of Condensate Drain Pumps – $240 to $450
  • Replacement of Drain Pans – $250 to $575
  • Flushing of Drain Lines – $75 to $250
  • Recharging Refrigerant – $250 to $750
  • Repair of Refrigerant Leaks – $200 to $1,500
  • Replacement of Compressor – $1,900
  • Repair of Outdoor Fan Motor – $200 to $650
  • Replacement of Breakers, Relays, or Fuses – $75 to $290
  • Replacement of Condenser Coil – $1,900 to $2,900

Universal Mechanical Group strives to offer the most competitive prices in air conditioner repair in NJ. We recognize that when someone looks for “air conditioner repair near me”, one of their primary concerns is price and cost. We do our best to make the process as affordable and accessible as possible to our friends and neighbors in Clifton and the rest of NJ.

How Can I Avoid the Need for Costly Air Conditioner Repair Near Me?

The good news for those looking for “air conditioner repair near me” is that there are multiple everyday things that New Jersey homeowners and businesses can do to prevent the need for expensive and time-consuming repairs. Preventative maintenance is the sing most effective weapon against age-related wear and tear, emergency breakdown and more. There are multiple types of air conditioning systems, each requiring their own maintenance routine and rituals, common tasks should include cleaning and inspecting all major components, including the condenser coil; cleaning and inspecting all belts and hoses; checking and filling refrigerant levels and more.

Universal Mechanical Group highly recommends you service your air conditioning unit at least once per year. We offer convenient and affordable maintenance and service contracts to help you keep your AC unit running in top shape throughout the year. A simple and small investment in your air conditioning system’s maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

New Jersey’s Premier Air Conditioning Service Resource

If you find yourself asking: “Where can I find air conditioning repair near me?”, Universal Mechanical Group is ready to answer the call. We have spent years helping New Jersey’s  residents and business owners get immediate peace of mind and assurance by providing quality, affordable and reputable air conditioner repair, maintenance and installation. We proudly serve customers’ cooling needs throughout the state, including Alpine, NJ; East Rutherford, NJ; Edgewater, NJ; Englewood, NJ; Franklin Lakes, NJ; Glen Rock, NJ; Mahwah, NJ; Maywood, NJ; Palisades Park, NJ; Paramus, NJ or you’re operating your own private little slice of the American dream in Ridgewood, NJ; Rutherford, NJ; Saddle Brook, NJ; Saddle River, NJ; Ho Ho Kus, NJ; Demarest, NJ; Woodcliff Lakes, NJ. Contact us today at (973) 866-5445 to learn more about what we can do for you and for your building.

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