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Getting the most use out of your HVAC system should be a long-term goal considering its price. A heating service Clifton NJ residents regularly turn to has some very useful tips not only for extending the functional lifespan of heaters, but also for boosting their efficiency, particularly during the cold months in any place. Six of these tips are listed below.

  1. Clean and replace filters regularly. Filters catch dirt and debris that force the system to overwork and consume more energy. Therefore, it’s important to keep them clean and replace them when they should be replaced to ensure the proper running ability of your heater. Filter replacements are quite affordable — definitely more affordable than repairs or early turnover of equipment.
  2. Keep the blower on. Likewise, this will prevent the heating system from overworking because the blower constantly moves air and distributes “conditioned’ air much faster, and more evenly.
  3. Clean the unit twice a year. Getting rid of dirt always does wonders in enhancing the running power of heaters. Wipe down and carefully vacuum the body of the heating system often, and then hire the pros with the right equipment to perform a more thorough job of it every five to six months. This is so the heating system is in proper condition during the season when it will constantly be in use.
  4. Install shades, blinds, thick drapes, and screens on windows that are exposed to outdoor weather. The cold from outside the house can easily pass through glass windows, but if you add a covering for them, the amount of cold that passes through glass windows will be reduced; they’ll serve as additional insulation for your home’s interior.
  5. Get rid of air leaks. Seal cracks and holes where cold air from outside and heated air from inside the house can pass through. And more importantly, keep vents and doors closed. Use caulking material or tape to prevent air from leaking out of holes and cracks around windows and doors. Air leaks can also cause the heating system to work double time in achieving the most ideal temperature inside the house.
  6. You can save energy during preset “off” hours by installing a programmable thermostat.

All these tips are very simple and easy to implement. Try one, two, or try them all and you’ll surely see a difference in the overall performance of your heating system in creating the most comfortable or ideal indoor climate for your home.